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We are a studio "Tandemark".

Our names: Fedor and Roman.

Our main work we do for many years - it is the design for the printing industry. We have long wanted to find some of our design ideas more massive area in which our creative ambitions could be fully realized. Games Development - is a great opportunity to realize our creative desires.


We have many ideas for new games. Some of them we have chosen to implement in our immediate plans. We want to try different game genres and mechanics, including other platforms.

February 2012

 In 2012, we were in search of directions for our creation. And at this time turned their views on the gaming industry. We saw for ourselves the opportunity to develop own game, to create a good, holistic and beautiful product.We both realized that subconsciously wanted to create own games for a long time, but only now ready. 

We started looking for flash games and flash industry. Information accumulated over time and after a while we realized that it was time to step forward and begin creating flash games. 
Our strengths have a good command of graphics packages, understanding the rules of composition, the ability to analyze, but the knowledge of programming was in the initial state. Proceeding from this genre was chosen our first game - puzzle (point and click). We also started learning a programming language ActionScript 3.0, Flash IDE, create gameplay and the commercial side of the business.At the same time was working on a game, invented the main characters, levels and puzzles.

 Little by little developed code, the game came to life, and what is important - we liked what worked. Our basic principle - "Do only the highest quality work.".We apply this principle in our professional activities and in the development of games.

 Eighteen months later we finished the first game, called it "J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures", and with joy and excitement released it to the world.A story about how to create a game you can read here… 

In the course of the game has developed a system of interaction between us, coordination, found effective system optimization, and gameplay mechanics.At the same time we are happy to realize that the game development process gives us a great pleasure. We felt the inspiration, the desire to do more and more. And we like this. 


April  2014

Now we are working to spread the game "J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures ", create another flash game and think over the following.
The experience we have gained during the propagation the game "J-Tubeus", showed that our ideas flash games differ from most other games.They as though do not fit into those rules, which must comply with flash games. Butwe will continue to make games in our opinion, we will try to offer the players something new.

December  2014

We see that the business model of Flash works worse.Another year and a half ago, we saw the development and support of flash, input 3D, acceleration, improvement of memory, etc. but about a year as nothing significant is heard. Sorry.
It is a pity of course, we just learned well to optimize graphics and code have developed a system that worked good. Well, the King is dead, but his place will be not empty, examine Unity and C # :)

October 2017

 Technology flash for us in the past. "The Hunter of Maze" - our last flash game. The point is set. 

We opened a new page. On this page, new ideas are already being printed, which we will be implementing with Unity3D.



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