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Hunter for Dismantlers. Walkthrough

Tasks & Interface
A task that gives Hunter at each level, as follows: Catch all the Robot-Dismantlers. And this must be done for the number of moves for which the Hunter enough fuel (50).

Hunter for Dismantlers. Numbers

Tasks gives Boniface who provides Traps and Beacons (on some levels), as well as showing how much at the level of the Robot-Dismantling, the Robot-Predators (on some level) and how many moves the Hunter enough fuel.
Task can be viewed again by pressing the button:

Hunter for Dismantlers. Button "Task"

Hunter Backpack adds up a Trap, a Beacons and caught robots.

Hunter for Dismantlers. Button "Backpack"

The level is similar to labyrinth, and you can go through some of the squares, and through some – not. The game has a map of passage that shows green lines sides of the squares through which you can pass through, and red – the ones that are forbidden to pass. You also need to remember that at some levels there is a bridge in which the possibility of the passage of sides is constantly changing.
Map of passage called by pressing this button:

Hunter for Dismantlers.  Button "Map"

Number of Robot-Dismantlers to be caught, the number of Robot-Predators and the number of received points is displayed on the scoreboard (3, 0).

Hunter for Dismantlers.  Numbers of turns


To pass this game is important tactics of the Hunter. First we need to look for traces of robots.

Hunter for Dismantlers. Tutorial of tactics

Following the discovery of traces of the robot is necessary catch up with the robot or move it to a square from which there is only one way out (trap). The first levels are designed so that several of such traps. At the next level of places like less, but more free space. This makes it difficult to hunt for robots.

Hunter for Dismantlers. Map of the level

You should also use a trap. Trap grabs and keeps the robot, which stopped in the square. Traps should be put in the places most likely to appear robots, or so as to form a trap place from which there is only one exit (trap).
There are also Robots-Predators and they hunt. If Hunter meet Predator "Sizzling-Throat" Hunter may die. But it is possible that he will remain alive, but all caught robots will be lost and run away.
On some levels, the Hunter, as an additional device, will be given Beacon. Placing Beacon in the square, Hunter will see someone, who is in this square. And Hunter help Lamp-Trees, that light up when the square has a robot.

Characters and devices
Each of the robots has different characteristics that significantly affect their behavior and difficulty hunting it.
«Swiveling-Head» – cautious robot that can move only one square by 1

  turn, and he can see only 1 square away. It's easier to catch, the probability that he will be caught by Hunter – 90%. But given his caution, the probability of being caught by the Robot-Predator – 50%.
Hunter for Dismantlers.  Robot «Swiveling Head»

 «Rotating-Wheels» – a robot that can move 2 squares in 1 move, but can see only 1 square away. It is more difficult to catch because he moves 2 times more than the Hunter. And the tactics of hunting for him – different.

  In addition, the probability that he will be caught by Hunter – 70%.
The probability of being caught by the Robot-Predator – 70%.
Hunter for Dismantlers.  Robot «Rotating Wheels»
«Manipulating-Hand» – most cunning robot that can see in the 2 squares away from you, and can move 2 squares in 1 move. This is the most difficult hunting robot. The probability that he will be caught by Hunter –
  50%. The probability of being caught by the Robot-Predator – 30%. In addition, he sees the Hunter and predators at a distance of 2 squares, and, accordingly, will escape.
Hunter for Dismantlers.  Robot «Manipulating Hand»
Range of vision of robots is very important, because if the robot sees the Hunter or Predator, he will try to escape. In this regard, it is important to make the robot move in a trap or a square, of which there is only one exit.
Range of motion is important for robots tactics of hunting them. If the robot "Swiveling-Head" can only move one square, the Hunter can pursue
  it, and sooner or later he will get tired, and then it will catch up with Hunter.
On the other robots, this tactic of hunting does not work. They can effectively catch only when correctly set Traps and Beacons. You also need to catch the robot in locations they are likely to become available.
Hunter for Dismantlers.  Robot «Sizzling Throat»

"Sizzling-Throat" – a Robot-Predator, who hunts on everything see – robots and Hunter. If he attacks Hunter, then a 50% probability of losing Hunter and the level will be failed. If Hunter’s backpack has caught robots, the Hunter can be saved, but all of caught the robots will be lost and run away.

Still need to know that after a Predator catches a robot, his will have a rest (sleep and not move) 4 turns.

But when the Predator is hungry, he will move and look for food – any robot. He can move and see on 1 square. But if he sees a Hunter or a robot – he will not run away from it, but rather will move to it.

"Biting-Trap" – a trap that with a high probability grab any robot, including Predator, which will stop in the square. This is the main tool of the Hunter. When thoughtful placement of traps Hunter will be much easier and faster to catch a robot. Also with the help of the trap can immobilize the Predator, to eliminate the threat of it.

Hunter for Dismantlers.  «Biting Trap»

The probability that a trap grab the robot, each robot different. Thus, the probability that a trap grab the robot such as " Swiveling-Head " or " Rotating-Wheels" – 100%, " Manipulating-Hand " – 90%, but the "Sizzling-Throat" – the lowest – 80%.

"Beacon" – another device, which shows the Hunter all the robots, which are in the square, where the Beacon. This helps the Hunter keep track of key squares – when they appear robots, as well as see predators.

Hunter for Dismantlers. «Showing Beacon»

Finally, the Hunter can move and see on one square. He has a backpack in which he puts the device provided by Boniface and caught robots. It can be removed from the backpack Trap or Beacon and put it on the ground. In this case, the device is activated and starts performing its function. Trap or Beacon is possible at any time to put back into the backpack.


Hunter for Dismantlers. The Backpack


Hunter for Dismantlers. Backpack

Hunter can also be removed from the backpack and put on the ground caught the robot. This robot is immediately run away as soon as the Hunter close Backpack. Removing caught robots and their letting go may be required in cases when there are many Predators and need to divert their attention from himself to the Robot-Dismantlers.
The Hunter is only enough fuel for a certain number of moves. If the fuel is over, and all Robots-Dismantlers do not catch – the level considered failed and will need to start it from the beginning.
Task for Hunters on the last level is different from all the others. It is necessary to pass unharmed to the upper right square, where the Evil robot, which is the cause of all of the Robots-Dismantlers and the Robots-Predators.

Hunter for Dismantlers. The task of the level 15

View tutorials

Hunter for Dismantlers. Tutorial

Good luck and pleasure of winning!


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