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Hunter for Dismantlers. History of the game

The idea that we have decided to implement in the game – to make hunting with elements of tactics, to add to the process of tracking the objectives elements of the game of chess.
We liked this idea of tactical hunting. We wanted to do something different, something that others do not. Perhaps we did :)
The game should use elements of hunting, so the game had to hunt down the Hunter on the trail of robots. In addition, it was necessary to get the player to count the following steps, to provide, where the next move will be a robot, in time to block the escape route traps and try to send a robot to the places, from which there is no exit.

At the first stage the interest of the player is to be called the process of finding the optimal way for the speedy capture of the robot to the least amount of moves to catch the largest number of robots.
At the same time, we planned to increase interest in complicating the actions of the player. Gradually will be introduced robots, which are difficult to catchand at a certain stage – Robots Predators. Predators will eat the robot that has to catch Hunterand they are dangerous not only for the other robots, but also for Hunter.
Also, to maintain the player's interest will be different kinds of levels, different amounts of assistive devices – Traps and Beacons.
All robots on the start level are in different locations randomly generated. Each robot selects his next move using an algorithm, which also plays a big role accident. That is, there will always be something else in the game, something unexpected.


Hunter for Dismantlers. Sketch of robotHunter for Dismantlers. Sketch of robotHunter for Dismantlers. Sketch of robot

Hunter for Dismantlers. Sketch of robotHunter for Dismantlers. Sketch of robot

Hunter for Dismantlers. Sketch of robotHunter for Dismantlers. Sketch of robotHunter for Dismantlers. Sketch of robot

Hunter for Dismantlers. Sketch of HunterHunter for Dismantlers. Sketch of BackpackHunter for Dismantlers. Sketch of robot

We set a goal – to make the best possible quality graphics.
As in the last game «J-Tubeus: Steam Adventures» , we used raster graphics. It was decided that the game will be highly detailed elements, a lot of small parts. At the same time, the experience of the last game showed that some users stretch the image of the game with its standard 640x480 size to the value of their monitors and at the same time see the "blurry" picture. So we decided to do the schedule twice the size, namely 1280x960 px. This is to ensure the necessary quality graphics with an increase in the size of the game screen.
To give the game liveliness, we introduced the animation (fans, signs, different working mechanisms). In order to make it a complete coincidence with the world of robots – have added a lot of steam and smoke as well as the mountains and the metal wall. To show that this is not modern times – showed the destruction of ancient and rusty. To provide a picture of depth and space – added passing clouds.
But when we put all of these elements, the game was slow. We saw 20-30 fps on a machine with Corei5. It's not comfortable to play. Apparently for flash severity graphic it was excessive. Faced with a rather big enough problem – how to leave the beautiful and detailed graphics, while the game is played to 40 fps, we decided to do the optimization. As a result, the game was 30-40 fps even on computers Celeron 1.3 GHz.

Hunter For Dismantlers. Level 1

Hunter For Dismantlers. Level 6

Hunter For Dismantlers. Level 11

Hunter For Dismantlers. Level 12

Hunter For Dismantlers. Level 13


Building levels
We started with a planning maze levels in the schematic. Each of us has several levels of schematic images. The red lines are the walls, through which can not pass the Hunter and other robots.

Hunter for Dismantlers. Sketch at the wall location

Each of us has to create these images were different semantic approaches and considerations. This resulted to the fact that the maze levels very different from each other.
To add a specific variability in the scheme arrangement of walls and passages, some variable that would have to be taken into account when planning their player of the future moves, we made bridges that after some time passes open and close them. 

Hunter For Dismantlers. Level 7

At first we planned to develop the image of the Hunter. But we decided that since we already have the image of a robot named «J-Tubeus» our last game, then why can not we use it in this game? It will be a continuation of the game «J-Tubeus: Steam Adventures» , but in a different genre. Also, the argument was that we already have a graphics of J-Tubeus.
But, J-Tubeus went in the last game on the ground on the wheels on their feet. It did not suit us. He must move quickly, and this is best done by air.
The first was the idea – to give J-Tubeusjet ski.

Hunter for Dismantlers. The concept of the Hunter

The first was the idea – to give J-Tubeusjet ski.
But we need to be clearly visible Hunter, and details.
As a result, we have added a backpack with his engines. From the nozzle engines will escape the flames, and another from a pipe in the backpack will emit smoke.

Hunter for Dismantlers. The concept of the Hunter - 2

The game needed a evil character. We purposely left the last game the evil character alive, and in today's game he also played a role unkind.
All Robots-Dismantlers produces evil character, and the main goal in the game – to get to the last level, and to punish the Evil.

Hunter for Dismantlers. ScreenShot


Hunter For Dismantlers. Level 15

To increase interest in and pleasure from the fact that Hunter caught the robot, we have introduced getting points.
«Swiveling-Head» – +5 points;
«Rotating-Wheels» – +7 points;
«Manipulating-Hand» – +10 points;
When the robot falls into the Trap – an additional +3 points.
To the player it was more interesting to catch all the robots in the least amount of moves, we have applied the penalty points: -1 point for every 5 turns.

Control of the game
Control of the game should be simple and straightforward. The mechanics of the game – to move the Hunter by squares, and therefore it was necessary to show – in which a square Hunter can go to, what the square can not pass. We have shown that the squares are highlighted in a green frame, you can go through and illuminated red frame – no.
We also placed dedicated button to show all at once to pass through the squares on the level.


Hunter for Dismantlers. Button "Task"Hunter for Dismantlers. Button "Backpack"Hunter for Dismantlers. Button "Map"


So we gave the player enough tools to calculate its moves.



«Swiveling-Head» – cautious robot that can move only one square by 1 turnand he can see only one square away.
It is easy to catch.

Hunter For Dismantlers. Robot "Swiveling Head"

«Rotating-Wheels» a robot that can move 2 squares in 1 turn, but can see only one square away. It is more difficult to catch because he moves
2 times more than the Hunter. And the tactics of hunting for him – different.

Hunter for Dismantlers. The robot «Rotating Wheels»

«Manipulating-Hand» crafty robot that can see in the 2 squares away, and can also move 2 squares in 1 turn.
This is the most difficult hunting robot.

Hunter For Dismantlers. Robot "Manipulating Hand"

In addition to the Robot-Dismantlers in the game play a major role Predators.
Thus, the «Sizzling-Throat» – a Robot-Predator, who preys on everything see – robots and Hunter.

Hunter for Dismantlers. The robot «Sizzling Throat»

The game also has a device
to help catch the robots:

«Biting-Trap» – a trap that will grab any robot, including Predator, which will stop in the square. This is the main tool of the hunter. When thoughtful arrangement Hunter traps will be much easier and faster to catch a robot. In addition trap may immobilize Predator.

Hunter for Dismantlers. «Biting Trap»Hunter for Dismantlers. «Showing Beacon» 




« Beacon» – a device that shows all the robots, which are in the square, where the Beacon. This helps the Hunter to track key squares – when they have robots and see approaching predators.

« Lamp-Tree» – level element that glows, if any robot is in the square.

Hunter for Dismantlers. «Lamp Tree»

In addition to these characters I needed some robot that will help the hunter, suggest and give assignments. So the idea came to Boniface, who will call for help Hunter, and during the game will put the task to him and pay for their implementation.

Hunter For Dismantlers. Robot "Boniface"



When we showed the first few levels of our game to Anton Karlov (ссылка), he immediately said that the game has a very specific gameplay.We ourselves feel that the gameplay is unlike other games and understand that it will not have an easy way. :)
Having considered the letter of Anton, we decided to increase the interest and change the job – instead of "to catch a certain number of robots," we introduced the "catch all the robots for a certain number of turns." Welikedthisinnovation, thegamebecamemoreinteresting.
The fact that our game is not like the other – on the one hand, it is not very good, because this game hard to go out into the world, it is difficult to predict its progress and impact.However, on the same game players too tired.And they want something new.
Time will tell how the players perceive the game.However, I am sure it is someone like it and find its audience.We have invested a lot of effort into the game, thoughts, not to mention the time and we can, therefore, hope that the players will enjoy our game.

We have no problems with ideas games.Also, a lot of enthusiasm, desire, vision and design experience with Flash technology.
The difficulties were with Flash technology and its limitations. In our game a lot of graphics and animation, and when the last compilation Flash player could not stand. In addition there was a constant struggle for the necessary level for a comfortable game – 40 fps.
We know that we are waiting for a lot of difficulties with the marketing of the game. In standard games these difficulties there, but our game is not very standard. Today we do not know all tools of marketing games, and those that know, trying to learn on their own.
We are aware that should definitely have friends who can tell, to help direct the development or promotion of the game, and are now trying to get to know these people.

And we believe in success.

Hunter for Dismantlers. Screenshot   Hunter for Dismantlers. Tutorial
Hunter for Dismantlers. Menu   Hunter for Dismantlers. ScreenShot
Hunter for Dismantlers. Intro   Hunter for Dismantlers. Backpack
Hunter for Dismantlers. All of levels   Hunter for Dismantlers. Backpack
Hunter for Dismantlers. Map of the level   Hunter for Dismantlers. Task

Hunter for Dismantlers. Robot «Manipulating Hand» is deadHunter for Dismantlers. Robot «Manipulating Hand» is deadHunter for Dismantlers. Robot «Rotating Wheels» is dead


Thank you for being with us.
Studio "Tandemark" April 2015.

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