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 J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Play    Hunter for Dismantlers. Play

Rescue kidnapped robot! You know him for funny cap on his head, cute appearance and boombox in his hands. He was a victim of crafty plan treacherous villain, and found himself in the dark abandoned dungeons.
And now he needs to find a way to escape from the Prison, find the right key to each of the locks in the Conduit, and the fans turn out of the Ventilating Room, collect cogs in the engine pistons Press, connect the wires to the light appeared in the Cable Tunnel, run the Lift and climb to the surface in his native City.
Help young robot named J-Tubeus solve tricky puzzles, find tips and get back home. And, of course, will not hurt to punish dastardly villain.


The Rusty Lands are being attacked by ruthless Robot Dismantlers! 
These machines are wreaking havoc and causing chaos and destruction.

You are the Hunter. Through the smoke and steam, among the mountains of metal, through the abandoned buildings and boiling lava, you must track down and capture all of the Dismantlers.
Devise the best way to drive robots into your traps and use movement beacons to notify you when a robot passes one. 
You have a limited number of turns on each level before you run out of fuel. And beware of Predators! 
They not only attack other Dismantlers but can strike at you as well!
Good Luck!

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