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The Hunter of Maze. History of the game


In November 2015, the release of our game «Hunter for Dismantlers». There were many comments  as positive as negative.

The game is largely experimental. We would like to try our new ideas.

 We read the feedback and came to the conclusion that some things in the game the players obviously do not like. For example, we tried to simulate the natural conditions of the game and introduced a lot of random events. So, robots choose the direction of movement by chance, moving through a random number of movesaccuracy shots Hunter is a bit random, the work of the «Biting Trap» a little too coincidental, etc. But all this is not like most players. They annoyed the unknown outcome and lack of control over events.

We have taken into account these shortcomings and correct them in the new game.
So, the new game - also about robots. Genre - based strategy puzzle.




 The story of the events that happen in the game is as follows.

 "Joyless day Hunter and his friend flying in Mechanical Rocket over Rusty Earth, returning home from an unsuccessful trip. 

They were looking for anyone to Wander Unguided Mechanisms, details of which can be sold to the City of Spanners. But for the time of the search, they found nothing.

 Mechanical Rocket flying over one of the Abandoned Mazes suddenly emits an alarming beep and the pilot's screen appears the inscription "running out of fuel!". Hunter quickly to ground Mechanical Rocket. Landing without fuel is very similar to the fall.

 When the rusty dust settles, the passengers get out of the vehicle and, looking around, go in search of any liquids that are suitable as fuel. But as soon as they left for the nearest mound of piled rusted parts, they hear the sounds of bells and metal strikes by Mechanical Rocket left. Hunter and his friend ran back to the landing site, trying to suggest what it was. They see that the Rocket is attacked by a plurality of Uncontrollable Robots with obvious destructive intentions. Robots quickly and methodically unscrew, break off and saw off the details and mechanisms of Rocket, then dragged away the items inside an Abandoned Maze. Seeing the Hunter robots-dismantlers, fleeing to the abandoned Maze.

 Hunter and his friend are in a difficult situation. They have no fuel to return home, the Mechanical Rocket damaged and need additional parts and labor. They do not do anything but with the terrible cries follow runaway robots and hope that enough cunning and ingenuity in an Abandoned Maze to get parts and fuel, repair the rocket and go home. "


komiks START str 11280x960x72dpi


komiks START str 21280x960x72dpi







The graphic style of the game, we left the same as in the game «Hunter for Dismantlers».

The player controls the Hunter. The goal - to catch all the robots (except Predator-robot).

In this game, the robots have advanced algorithm behavior. Robot necessarily escapes, if he sees the Hunter, as well as if there is a place to escape. So do not try to get a robot to catch up. Each of the robots gives the Hunter that it is necessary to repair the rockets and return home. When Hunter caught robots " Swiveling-Head " and "Rotating-Wheels" it gets the item from the robot. And when Hunter caught robot "Manipulating Hand" it gets fuel for Mechanical Rockets and increases the amount of fuel in his backpack to pass the level.



Predator "Sizzling-Throat" is a threat to the Hunter. He pursues the hunter at all times while in the zone of visibility Predator. Predator ignores the other robots. There is a small handicap for the player - at the beginning of the level of Predator sleeps 3 turns. This allows the player to look around freely and do the first few turns.

Lazer for zadacha 2

The main tool for the Hunter - is an opportunity to use (on / off) the Laser. The Laser allows to block or open a passage in the Maze. When you turn on the Laser removed a few points. This price aims to catch the robots with the lowest number of Lasers. The number of Lasers which can work at the same time - limited.




The number corresponds to the cells of the Energy Tower. On top of the Tower show the number of working Laser. 

All of this creates a new gameplay.

The only way you can catch a robot - is to turn on the lasers in the right places to create a place of from which there is only one way out. In these places you need to lure robots and catch them.


btn vopros

Also, we have not forgotten about those players who want to get help for the passing game. Button "Help" shows the possible locations in the Maze, where it is best to turn on the Lasers.




 Creating such a game - it is also one of our experiment. If the result you enjoy, we will be very happy. If you have a different opinion on this matter - excellent! Let us know your impressions about the game as well as any questions or suggestions for E-mail (link), or on the gaming portals, where the game will be available after its release.

We appreciate your feedback, because we want to know how you play our game, what you like or do not like, and what we can improve in the game. Thank you in advance and look forward to your feedback








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