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J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures

Rescue kidnapped robot! You know him for funny cap on his head, cute appearance and boombox in his hands. He was a victim of crafty plan treacherous villain, and found himself in the dark abandoned dungeons.
And now he needs to find a way to escape from the Prison, find the right key to each of the locks in the Conduit, and the fans turn out of the Ventilating Room, collect cogs in the engine pistons Press, connect the wires to the light appeared in the Cable Tunnel, run the Lift and climb to the surface in his native City.
Help young robot named J-Tubeus solve tricky puzzles, find tips and get back home. And, of course, will not hurt to punish dastardly villain.


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J-Tubeus. Walkthrough

Level 1. Home

This is a tutorial level. This shows the events, which began with adventure robot named J-Tubeus. Also on this level, the player is given the opportunity to understand how to play the game. Level is complete when J-Tubeus come out of the house.

  J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 1J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 1. Home  

Level 2. City

When J-Tubeus comes out of his house, he finds himself on the street and sees that he partition off the path tubes that lying on the ground. You need to click on the pipe or conduit and solve the puzzle in which to place different parts of the pipes in the right place in the pipeline.

Then J-Tubeus need to move closer to the plate, and then he learns that the Villain is wanted. J-Tubeus carelessly refers to this warning, goes further and is captured by the Villain . 

  J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 2. CityJ-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 2. CityJ-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 2. City  


Level 3. Prison

Villain placed a robot in a prison from which you want to find a way out. First you need to turn on the light in the room. To do this in the electrical panel properly connect jumper wires. Once in the room lights went on, the robot should move to the rope through the metal bracket on the ceiling. To one end of the rope need to attach the bucket, the other end of the rope - the hatch in the floor.
Then put in a bucket 3 heavy object to its weight lifted bucket hatch in the floor. Hatch to be opened so wide to J-Tubeus could fit into it. Level is complete

  J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 3. PrisonJ-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 3. PrisonJ-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 3. Prison  


Level 4. Conduit

At this level, the robot need to open all the locks on the doors and go through the entire pipeline to the end.
First you need to break off from the metal step ladder, which is attached to the ceiling.
This step must be inserted into a circular disc and the result is a kind of hammer.
J-Tubeus knock hammer a metal box on the wall. Inside the box is a bunch of keys.
Keys to be used for opening locks on the doors. For each lock will pick up your key.
But you need to remember that if the lock insert the key, which has previously been used, the key breaks
and you will have to start over again

  J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 4. ConduitJ-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 4. Conduit  



Level 5. Ventilating Room

 When J-Tubeus pipeline will pass, he finds himself in Vent Room. From this room you need to find a way out.
Under the wheels J-Tubeus oiler. This oiler need to dial oil dripping drop by drop from the pipe in the wall at the opposite side of the room. This oil to lubricate the engine that moves the trolley. Press the "left" and "right» J-Tubeus can move the trolley.
Moving to the left, the trolley will break the protective grille and open way out of this room. But to go through this exit hinder rotating fan blades. To stop the fan, you need to press the red button on the remote control. J-Tubeus can come close to the control panel, when he move the trolley left.
When J-Tubeus presses the red button on the remote control and the rotation of the fan stops, the fan blades will close out of the room. Therefore, the controller needs to find the right angles of rotation so that the blades are not closed out. Right angles are for a three-bladed fan - 0, 120, 240; for four-bladed fan - 45, 135, 225, 315; for five-bladed fan - 216, 225, 234, 243, 252, 261, 270.
Once after stopping the rotation, the fan blades do not close out, you need to move the trolley in the middle position, then J-Tubeus can drive up to the exit and leave the Vent room

  J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 5. Ventilating room  

Level 6. Weighing-Machine

Of Vent Room J-Tubeus enters the room, which employs a weighting and the shipping mechanisms.
To start the mechanism lifting objects on the scales should be a weight of 100. Weight of the J-Tubeus is 50. Need to find more items whose total weight is 50. To do this, use a bent pipe and the metal part of the engine. But without this detail engine will not work. Therefore it is necessary to insert the item into the engine, consisting of two connected pipes, and the engine is running.
When will be put on the scales bent pipe and engine components, their weight is equal to 50. Then when J-Tubeus stand on the scales, then the total weight on the scale is 100, start the mechanism lifting objects and lift J-Tubeus upstairs where the conveying piston moves it out of this room

  J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 6. Weighing-MachineJ-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 6. Weighing-Machine  

Level 7. Press

Door to exit the room is at the other side of the room.
First you need to open the door of the box and get the fuse. Fuse inserted into the engine, then the engine starts to lift the platform on which lies the gear.
To get to the door you have to pick up all three piston press. But there are no gears in the engine that are stacked on the floor. Must be properly inserted all the gears. At the same lacking a gear, which is located on the platform. So first you need to collect a sequence of gears for the second and third pistons press and press the lever. Lever will start the engine, climb up to the second and third pistons press and J-Tubeus can get the latest gear and use it to insert all the gears.
After this first piston rises up and opens the door to a free pass.
But open the door J-Tubeus can not, so he must break off the box, knock the door and leave the room

  J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 7. Press  

Level 8. Cable tunnel

J-Tubeus gets in Cable Tunnel, in which the pitch darkness. And only a flashlight in hand J-Tubeus allows to see some of the details.
You need to turn lighting in the Cable Tunnel. The lighting is enabled, you need conductors correctly into the sockets.
Necessary to determine - what socket connected to each wire in the left side of the Cable Tunnel, interlacing trace each wire and insert the conductor into the same sockets on the right side of the tunnel

  J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 8. Cable tunnelJ-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 8. Cable tunnel  

Level 9. Lift

When J-Tubeus solve the puzzle with wires and will turn lighting in the Cable Tunnel,
he gets on the lift platform. Here he has to fix lift control panel.
Buttons on the remote scattered across the lift platform and in various unexpected places. For example, the top of the sockets, on the switch, under the cup, on a shelf, on the motor, under the bulb.
Button must be placed in the control panel so that the vertical, horizontal and diagonal
sum of the numbers on the buttons was equal to 12.
Once this puzzle is resolved, J-Tubeus will only push the button on the lift and it will take J-Tubeus to the surface, in his hometown. There, he sees a Villain who is busy preparing for the next meanness and will get even with him

  J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 9. LiftJ-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. Level 9. Lift  
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J-Tubeus. History of the game
J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. The concept of levels  

At first we planned together and engage in graphics and programming for games. But it quickly became clear that this approach has problems of interaction. To create a graphics together for one project still possible, to program effectively to some one. Nevertheless, one of our tasks has been and remains the creation of interoperability with each other. It is very important to us.

December 2011

The idea of the game "J-Tubeus" we worked mainly logically. Realizing that our strength - is to work with graphics, but almost no programming experience, we chose a simpler programming genre - puzzle. These games require a lot of time and effort to develop, but we were ready for it. Many experienced developers is correctly advised not to start with difficult games, but we have at that time there was virtually no choice. We wanted to create a good game, interesting, diverse enough, and, again, we have been able to do for themselves.
The theme we have chosen a World of Robots. Then we proceeded mainly from our sympathies. Robots we like a long time and we knew that we would make them have fun. We was invented characters. First recorded everyone invented, and then weed out those who did not fit in our vision of the game, and then weed out half of them. Characters divided by major and minor. Then started elaboration of their psychological portraits. Like, that was not too simple characters, such as: completely evil, or refined kind. Tried to make natural and characteristic types.

For each character visibility is important. Therefore tried to emphasize the character shape his character. For example, for a Musician was selected tube. He has to go and something to hum or whistle. This is a positive hero and his appearance had to show it. Inventor - it is an evil genius. He invents all sorts of mechanisms that should help him gain power, and for this purpose he does not disdain by any means. The first character was drawn Musician. First made pencil sketches on paper. Then we tried to make the Musician in color and texture, to see how it will look like as a result, as well as work opportunities to do different character movement - walk, jump, get items, etc.
In this step had to decide what will be the graphic design of the game. We had a choice, to draw the game and all the characters, or the making of raster objects and textures. We are able to draw both, but there was some problem. In the drawing style is very important. to create a style it would take several months. We did a musician and one level in two ways and decided not to work with hand-drawn graphics. We have chosen to work with textures, because with this we have worked and just could guarantee original and beautiful levels.

J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. The concept of robots

From drawings of characters, we are thinking about perspective and how will look levels. We clearly know that the game will require graphic textures and objects. We have cameras and we got to work! Photographed texture, any iron objects, screws, pipes, springs, etc., all we could find. From what we photographed created library.

Primarily made level "Prison", though he eventually became the third level. Also needed at the beginning of the game to show the player how to control your character. To do this, we decided to do with the simplest level of complexity and tips that can make a character. After that we came up with 2 additional levels, made sketches on paper, discussed all the details of these levels, which will face the problem of character, he has to do and under what conditions you can successfully finish the level.

During the development process, we have developed template rules for constructing levels.
First, the difficulty levels should be increased incrementally.
Secondly, on the first level of complexity index should be small, so that players can go through them easily, but at the same time feel the atmosphere of .
Third, at each level must be some puzzles that was not too easy.
Fourth, the puzzle must be logically linked with the tasks that the player could think up solutions. So, in our opinion, the player will get more enjoyment from the game.

When sketches first levels we liked, we submitted a general outline that will be in the other levels. Details of their development, we left for later. Now is the time to do the characters. First in line was, of course, Musician. We seriously undertook this task and soon he has spun the wheels, began to move his hands and head with a cap, on the spring legs. Thereafter undertook programming movements Musician. It was difficult. The code was done hard. But one day (it was the same should happen once!) Prototype set of movements earned right, and from that moment you can already do on movement patterns and build them from kits.

It was decided to use only our textures so began "hunting" for the rusty walls. Returning with a jog, this wall was found and photographed. The wall was


great and now base of level was in our hands. A few days slowly and as carefully overlapped and made collages detail level renders glare and varied shade parts, achieving organic perception of the level and character. Also had to pay attention to compliance texture detail level elements and textures of the main character. It must be clearly visible on all levels.

When the level was formed, its final edition and detail we did together. We have a rule of "TWO YES." If one of us does not like something in the level, he talks about this and argues its opinion. Next, think together how best to fix it. If we do not come to a consensus - refuse problematic parts, and do differently. This system works well, we have learned to think about the good of the cause, and not about that - whose idea.

When the "Prison" was almost ready, we decided to do a little testing it among our children and close people and friends. We wanted to see how people appreciate the graphics, idea, clarity of what to do in the level, the level of complexity, and of course, while we were planning to reveal bugs game. While tester played, we sat with notebooks, silent and recorded observations. At the end of the tester was answering questions on our questionnaire. Gathered enough material for analysis.

Test Results have pleased. First revealed bugs. One of the testers was able to break the game at all. We are very grateful to him, because it made to make a function that adjusts the position of the character. But most importantly - testing showed that we plan properly gameplay. Testers play the way we intended. And it means that we do not need to make any major adjustments in the construction game.
After troubleshooting level, we discussed the construction of the template worked out level and recognized it right.

Then everything went to have a pattern: come up with an idea of the level, we think over and argue with each other puzzle, creates a graphical view of the level, movieclips movements of characters, write code level, tested, identified bugs are eliminated. Level we was spent a month and a half. This is certainly a long time, but we have created a game in their spare time.

J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. The concept of J-Tubeus

As we have said, at first we did the level "Prison". Once he was ready, we realized that this level is very difficult for him to start playing. Have therefore been made the initial level ("House") and light level ("City"). These two levels, we would like to present the game as a story and thus offering the player to enjoy solving a puzzle and from participating directly in the adventure stories. After all, only the player can help J-Tubeus go home and punish evildoers.
We also made a video prelude to certain levels. On the one hand it was necessary to show how the character moves from one level to the next, on the other hand it was a mini-training, such as the level before the " Weighing-Machine", where we show that it is necessary to gain weight equal to 100.

Some levels we did easily, such as "Ventilating Room", "Press", " Lift". When creating a level of "Ventilating Room" we some time pondered how you can make it difficult for the player to find the right angles of the fans.
Initially, the idea was to make a fully mathematical approach to the calculation of angles of all three fans. But after we decided that to make the passage of a certain absence of logic can not hurt. So we broke one blade and five-blade fan turned out that the right to know its angle of rotation can only method of search. However, after that, we recognize that it is very "strictly" and injected an additional two right angles, which are before and after the "only correct".

It was difficult to establish the levels of "Conduit" and "Weighing-Machine". To come up with a good puzzle with keys needed a week. Also in this level, we have decided to introduce some randomness and change the placement of the keys at random. We wanted to make this level can not be created walkthrough and players would have to work hard.

At the level of " Weighing-Machine " we have long pondered how to make so that you can and put the item on the libra and remove it. The best solution that we could perform at that moment, and entered into the final level.
Level, the idea and the realization of which we consider the most interesting is the "Cable tunnel." Dark, difficult, but very kind. The idea was born at this level at the very beginning of the development of the game. No electricity, darkness, only a small flashlight in hand of


J-Tubeus. And in these conditions must be correctly connect the wires, moving along the level and tracking weave. Such an idea we liked it and we immediately implemented in the game. Although, when the game was released, not everyone liked this level.

We must to confess that make easy flash games we were not very interesting. We would like to see a player get pleasure not only from the graphics and gameplay, but also from the fact that he could not solve simple puzzles, that he won. Of course, to make the game too "hardcore" is also not the right way. So we tried to stick in this game "golden mean".

September 2013

We finished the game completely. Sighed with relief and joy from the fact that up to the desired end point, were able to create a solid product - the game, you dreamed about.
Version had to be made to thoroughly test. As before, we are attracted to test our children, relatives and friends, while asking them to play the game as if not knowing that we did it. Testing paid off, after the release of players almost did not reveal bugs.

March 2014

Release of the game was held on the site jayisgames.com
People played, gave comments, some players have expressed the wish to speed up the movement J-Tubeus. We have revised his motion and accelerated motion code 2 times.

The exact number of people who have played in our game is hard to say, because, unfortunately, the statistics service Mochibot just over two weeks after the release stopped working. But we are still satisfied with our work, because we have achieved our objective - people have played in our game worldwide, give reviews, praise, criticize, give advice and suggestions.

Wish to express special thanks to Anton Karlov for a quick and timely assistance councils. It really helped. Despite his employment, we could always count on his help. Anton, thank you very much!

J-Tubeus. Steam Adventures. The concept of villain
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